Preschool Excellence at Child Guidance Center

Prepare your child for success with our preschool program. At The Child Guidance Center, we prioritize the development of crucial skills that form the foundation for a confident transition to pre-kindergarten. Our curriculum focuses on physical skills, teamwork, introductory math and reading, safety awareness, and effective communication as well as social and emotional development. Trust us to provide a nurturing and educational environment that ensures your child is well-prepared for the challenges of school life.

Group of children in school raising their hands

Educational Child Care that Inspires Growth

The Child Guidance Center Daycare goes beyond traditional child care in Levittown, offering an educational experience that aligns with your child’s academic journey. Our dedicated caregivers guide students through engaging lessons, fostering a love for learning that extends beyond the preschool years. Choose us for child care that not only prioritizes safety and well-being but also actively promotes your child’s academic and personal growth.
Unlock your child’s potential. Enroll today for a future filled with joy, growth, and success!